• The JUICE…worth the squeeze

    The JUICE…worth the squeeze

    WOW…that was some winter. I can only imagine what it was like for those on the east coast. The polar vortex reached the shores of San Diego with the complete other pole of weather. Spectacular sunsets and warm days seemed to be the “norm” as normal as it has been described in living dreams. (not sure that makes perfect sense.)

    This has been a year of travel and discovery for me. Distracted by the woman of my dreams on another continent and the need to be connected with her has occupied me when doing anything but work. As much as I enjoy my “work”, my time with Ashley is amazing. I feel blessed and lucky to have this abundance in my life. Even better is the understanding that the two “things” are compatible… (she likes the GROUP and vice versa.)

    …so to jump ahead and roll another tire into this blog…

    I have experienced, like many of you, some version of the flu or illness…mostly of the lungs or stomach.
    On the last visit to Australia, we had the pleasure of sitting in on a talk by DON TOLMAN. Its great to be in a room and feel like you can learn something… I would like to believe I am not an extremist, just rather passionate about some things. My health, my family, and my Group.

    this has a point…..

    When I arrived back in the USA, my body crashed as it normally does this time of year. I have some natural allergies the really affect my lungs…. the desire to not take MEDICINE was a direct reflection of what i have experienced in the Tolman lecture and two movies. Natural medicine… especially for this little “stuff.”

    I bought a juicer… i cook for myself 6 days a week… prep time to cook for one person is the same as it would be for 6 people…Its PLENTY of work… I usually made enough food for 3 days. The juicer has helped with cook and clean time and more than that… I feel really good! Mom was right… eat your Darn Veggies…My mother didn’t say Darn… I am not fasting but drinking at least 2 meals on juice… blah blah… so tasty and little to no prep…its easy… as easy as it feels when I am with Ashley… its all about the fruit, the veggies, and the LOVE… put them all together and the Juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

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