• WHY YOU and PG for 2017

    WHY YOU and PG for 2017

    Why you should be with PHITGROUP in 2017

    What was the best thing about your health for 2016?  Do you actually know or are you guessing?  My thoughts head in one direction…did i get sick?  Ever since starting PHITGroup, I find myself asking that very question at this time of year… actually, many more questions.

    We crawl, sit, stand, walk, jump, push, pull, press, twist and turn every day at PHIT.  There is no gym in the world that competes with DOING IT OUTSIDE.   The technology of Balls, Bars, Tires, Ropes, Bands, Body Weight and the Sun,  will always out do treadmills, stationary anything, machines, mirrors, ceilings, and fluorescent lights.  The biggest bonus of doingitoutside, besides everything…the SUN.
    The sun is the best disinfectant.  Germaphobic people will attest to the benefits of the sun alone.  ..they are a funny bunch, those people afraid of germs..germs are everywhere…  So, we need a strong immune system to do battle for us all day, every day.  There are few chemicals or drugs better than the sun that can help keep you healthy.  The open air smell of fresh cut grass, incoming rain, and fresh flowers contribute to the placebo of cleanliness, as well as a good dose of yummy eye candy to go with those smells.  Vitamin D,  I’m not a doctor, but Leave the sunblock home, until beach time. (the gym has fluorescent lighting, incessant spraying and wiping of disinfectant…you hope… sick people breathing with no where for their cough and sneeze to go.)  Why would you be in a gym if you didn’t have to?

    What is better than a long drawn worked breath one after another, followed by drips of sweat and gruntingly hard efforts all while outside with your friends, smelling the nearby ocean air and listening to the wind buzz the trees…  Some of you say run on sentence and I say you have never met Alexa.

    PHITGroup needs to grow a little more.  By growing we can help others let go of the fear of joining something as amazing as PHITGroup.   The Fear is the hard work. The Fear is not being good enough or PHIT enough.  The Fear is being judged. The Fear is found in the words “I’m coming.”  People who say they are going to attend, rarely do.  The intention is put into the universe and seldom fulfilled.  The fear behind the statement alone rather than the action are the things we want to dismiss…period.  Tell them to come and talk to Dr KB Lim.  PHITGroup is amazing because of the people who come…YOU!

    So, back to health.  DO IT OUTSIDE , Be Grateful,  Show LOVE….  DISMISS the FEAR

    you will have already won!!

    The City of Encinitas is filled with the most health conscious people on the planet.  The parks department just sent out reminders of permit renewal and I am ready for it.  I feel so fortunate to live in a city that supports business like mine.  Also fortunate to see the care and maintenance they put into the park system benefiting us all.

    Can you at least think about why you should gift your friends more time with you at PHITGROUP?

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Happy whatever you may celebrate.


    see you in 2017

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