• Wanting to make Lemonade….

    Wanting to make Lemonade….

    I have been so nervous about making MY lemonade for the rest of my life…and yet today it feels different. My nervous energy has turned into something i have been waiting for … for YEARS… Positive forward happy motion!

    I am finally growing up… (I will always be a kid inside)… but still growing up.

    One door closes another one opens….the view from the inside is something that you have dreamed about for what feels like eternity. This view includes a feeling or an awareness that … this IS what you should DO. I was put here to DO something… my IT… in case you missed it … my IT was to be HAPPY….

    Happiness includes everything on every level of anything that can be or will be encountered. Attacked with an open mind and heart and faith that success is the only option… especially when faced with adversity… its the body and brain that will drive you to seek out your IT…. find and DO what you LOVE.

    I feel like I have been such an open book lately…. I attribute it to my experiences at Kilimanjaro, the Grand Canyon, the passing of true love and finding my IT…

    The lemons on the tree outside of my house are just starting to fill and change color. As my experiences have opened my heart and mind to GOD…. the recipe for my lemonade is getting more and more clear. My first step is to walk into my dreams wearing my best shoes, putting my best foot forward and hope that others take notice…I only really need one to take notice… I have faith that everything else will grow from there……

    I have to leave this so OPEN and mysterious for those that might take the time to read… but… I hope that someday you will notice how amazing my shoes are and that the puddle i am standing in is the Lemonade you helped me make…

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