• Triathlon………?



    Tri:“Welcome back Pabs”

    Pablo: “yea…for a year at least”

    T: “whats the plan?”

    P: To enjoy the ride and kick some ass along the way!

    T:” what do you mean ENJOY?”

    P: Well, the plan is to bring a few friends along for the journey.  I have a few people around me who really want to try a Triathlon and a few others who already DO… they just want to get better!

    T: “Sounds like fun!”

    P: That is THE plan!

    T: “…But triathlon takes unbelievable commitment and dedication  to do well….how are you going to GIVE this to other people?”

    P: I have faith in people and their ability to see passion.  People will follow and mimic passion if they see happiness.  Where you see people laughing and smiling and enjoying LIFE…you are sure to find a GROUP of friends who LOVE and SUPPORT one another through training to the START line and all the way through the FINISH LINE.

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