• Travel Bootcamp Tips

    Last week PHITGROUP had a visitor from TEXAS and a fellow trainer.  Their Bootcamp claim to fame was the largest running bootcamp in the country.  Everything is bigger in Texas … Right!!  Actually their company runs in multiple states throughout the south and east from Texas to North Carolina.

    As he was visiting and he was in the same business I offered him the “first one free” session.  Actually If he were in town, I would happily offer the week for free, as the industry trade.  It would hopefully include some trade sharing of how things work where he is and what works for them.

    With summer fast approaching, I am sure you have plenty of travel plans.  As a visitor to your destination, I am betting there is a killer bootcamp or workout near by.  Many of them would have an offer just like mine, First one Free.  As a person who is not a resident and more than likely will not return…. PLEASE PAY THEM.  Feed their family and support their business.

    In the summer I look forward to visitors.  If you are a regular participant and have family or friends coming into town…ask me about a discount.  I would much love to have visitors tell a story of their visit to you that included an ass kicking session from PHITGROUP.

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