Phil Healing - Phit Group

My Name is Paul Healing. I am first and foremost a son and a brother.  Family is a very important part of my life.  My parents brought me into this world as one of three and 1/2 of a set of twins.  While the family is scattered all about the country, we are a very tight knit group.

I am an accomplished triathlete with 14 Ironman Finishes including 3 at the World Championship in Kona. I have been a Personal Trainer for over 18 years and involved in fitness my entire life.

I spent many years searching for the best life suited for me. Traveling and working around the USA, living in amazing parts of the country searching for my place.  I found “my place” chasing the dream of finishing an Ironman Triathlon in Southern California.

I moved to Encinitas, a northern suburb of San Diego in 2000 and really found my home.  It still took time to anchor my purpose and discover my contribution to life.  Blessed with solid friendships, relationships and family, I managed to discover my purpose.

Connected to my work ethic and natural talents, I found that exercise was the greatest source of HEALING any one person could ever pass along to another.  After reading journals from my past, reality struck me with a baton of happiness.   I was put here on earth to introduce people to their inner warrior, their competitive spirit, their Life source of Happy, their IT.

My “IT” remains the same every day.  To be HAPPY.  My happy involves friends, family, exercise and LOVE.  It’s the LOVE that I have truly come to appreciate.  LOVE: is passion, Happy, Fiery, amazing, sweaty, social, outside, LOUD, quite, beach, ride, FAST, warm, HOT, together, spiritual… my IT… and I am happy to share IT with YOU.