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    I spend way way way too many hours on social media.  One of the things I notice on a regular basis, especially about exercise sites/people, is the “IMAGE” they put out there…there being into your head.

    For years and years I have exercised and felt every drop of sweat.  I can’t say that i have loved every minute of it…because i have NOT.  Not every workout or session or experience has to be about loving what just happened…I would actually say that it should have had a purpose.  If you hire a trainer or a coach and you base everything on your first experience, then you failed yourself.  After 5 years of having a drop in group I can honestly say that I have many people whom I have failed.

    I failed making them sore, or not sweating enough, or getting into their faces and telling them to do MORE.  I have failed putting up sexy pictures of ripped abs, toned ass’, bulging biceps, and shapely pecs.  And I have failed at being supportive to troubled friends or nervous new ones.

    This failure has made PHITGROUP what it is today.  Its  a slowly growing family where everybody knows your name.  Its the ONLY place where every person has the right to assume that you are HERE to do the same thing as them….YOUR BEST…and if its not your best…than its your best for TODAY.  Those goals are shared, discussed and achieved because we all share the same image of ourselves…. Its to be HAPPY and to be around GOOD people and to do the best we can TODAY.

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