• The View

    The View

    The ride to the TOP:

    I can only imagine how hard most of you have worked to get to the TOP.  The TOP is where the view is the best.

    Most of us forget what it was like to make the trip to the top…maybe the thought of smelling roses never crossed our minds when we were in the process.  Now the smell of roses at the TOP is more about SUCCESS.

    I am finding success every day in little things, mostly in personal discovery.  The trip has not necessarily been the toughest for me…until now.  I find myself doing something I LOVE to do…I find myself acting alone while others help and drive the PHIT TRAIN.  The support system is sometimes lost in communication…or clarity.

    Education is a saving grace.  I learn something every day…good and bad.  The key word here is to LEARN…Learn so you can repeat the success’ along side with changing the lessons from failure.

    There can be no success without failure.  You cannot learn without failure….failure is NEVER and option…its just education.  Pressing forward and learning from the experience creates the greatest journey and the best view… always from the TOP.

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