• Temporary friends…never

     I often reflect on the complete and temporary nature of the whiteboard workouts.  Although temporary, I have done all that I can to make them permanent by photographically documenting them.  The creativity that spawns some of these beauties is temporary and filled with a specific motivation…most of the time I don’t really think of where the mojo comes from…. until lately.

    These two “bro’s” are anything but temporary.  I didn’t have to create these friends, nor reflect on the WHY we are bro’s.  Their friendship has been tested over and over again, and never waivers.   The support is never in question.  The push and brutal honesty are recognized with humility.  Thank you for that… please insert your face in this photo if you are reading this…. I do mean you as well!!

    In 2013 I made a decision, before ever meeting Ashley, to lead a philanthropic life.  It was shortly after meeting her and spending time with her that the idea of a PHITANTHROPIC life was possible.  This is the end goal.  It has been the end goal.  This IS where PHIT is headed.  The path to this life is through PHIT THREADS.

    The PHIT Threads brand is clearly the Warrior.  He/she stands in balance within himself inwardly and outwardly.  The strength of this warrior is how he leads with his heart.  He is fearless and has a deep sense of knowing how important the struggle is to succeed.  He knows that if we struggle together its called support.  We can do nothing alone.  We are all one and the same, We are THE WARRIOR… don’t ever doubt it.

    The kickstarter program is more than half way done and at the time I write this we need another $6k to succeed.  The 15k will do more than cover production.  It will enable us to think about a complimentary product faster to help get the brand rolling…As we walk down this path and learn something new with each step, the struggle is very real… I am so excited to bring an AMAZING pair of shorts to the world and to be able to follow it up with some supporting product….

    Please click the KICKSTARTER LINK and support this project NOW before the end…. the generous nature of some people to wait until the end is appreciated, but we want to surpass this goal long before the end date… Support now means kicking back to the supporters ….

    Please SHARE this with your social media…email… people who exercise, play tennis, go to the beach…

    Have a great day

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