• RE-BOOT…the next step

    2016 is just around the corner.  Are you ready?

    The past year has been filled with a mountain of uncertainty.  Fueled by Love and chasing a life long dream, I am READY.

    I want to turn the Mountain upside down and work my way back to the top. The TOP is the best of PHITGroup, the best You, the Best I can be for you.  I spent 8 years building trust in a language the loyal PHITGroupers came to understand.  Surrendering to greater powers and geographical challenges, the loyalty was questioned and tested.  The time has come to RE-BOOT the Group and get outside.  I am back.  I am ready.  With the full support of my new family, together we are going to make the healthiest success’ together.

    …please follow the PHITGROUP Facebook page while I figure out how to amend the website.

    please send me an email…I will add you to the email list.

    please contact me and let me know you are alive

    please connect with me and share your thoughts and needs for whatever health or fitness schedule requires.The Beginning

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