• The END…of 2013

    The END…of 2013

    The sun is setting on 2013… Have you done all that you can? Is there something left to DO? Have you met your goals? What is the most memorable event for the year?

    I can honestly say that this has been a Monster year for me. So many things have happened that changed my life forever.

    The PHITGROUP has kept me on my toes and afloat. The family that has grown out of fitness and health brings the greatest joy to me. The level of accountability and genuine care and love is apparent in each session. It astounds me how the PHIT’ers just bond in friendship through exercise. So many satisfied faces leaving workout each week knowing they have done the best they can…Its the only thing I ask for while you are participating….this is what brings satisfaction knowing that I have done all that I can…. this year! Regarding PHITGROUP… there is nothing left to do but hit Happy Hour and have celebrate the end of the year!

    As for my goals and PHITGROUP…. Its been a year of discovery for me. I have not run in a year and a half and had little time to ride my bike…so… I have become a greater participant in the groups and with one private client gracious enough to let me workout. I can honestly say that my body has changed completely. I worked out as hard as I could and cleaned up my diet ( a little) and really saw change. A trend I need to continue.

    Growing this group to be a little more financially rewarding has always been a goal…The one thing I absolutely refuse to do is grow beyond the CORE value of what we all have together. No money can replace the value of what i feel every day, 3 people or 20…. I LOVE this GROUP of people… if you should ever find yourself included for more than one week…I guarantee you will understand.

    The most memorable year for me is 2013 of the 13 years since moving here. The highlights are Grand Canyon Trips, 2X -Rim to Rim to Rim with Project Athena. A quick stop at Wimbledon. A trip to Africa and Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Discovering a friend or two that I will keep for life, and one in particular making the top 10 of all time.

    The most significant of all is the discovery of LOVE. I do LOVE so many people that have come through my life. Spending so much time solo the past 3 or 4 years really gives you time to reflect on YOU. I have always known what exactly I wanted …. sort of …. I was more like looking for a sledge hammer of a cupid type of sign…I got one a little more than 3 years ago… only it was not so much a sledge hammer.. a whisper and the first sign from GOD… Slowly taking its time to build into a hammer and let it fly just at the right time. I can honestly say, and many of you will attest… my life has changed for the better since October and its been All GOOD since….

    Thank you for the best year of my life… I am looking forward to many many more with YOU!

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