• New Year 2012




    2011 was fun, challenging, and most of all eye opening.  I have seen so many CHANGES is what we do for our every day lives that I must make note and TAKE note of what is working and what needs more CHANGE.

    Of the most significant changes in my life, the MELT METHOD would be the most profound.  This is something that still mystifies me every time i do it…daily.  I am approaching 42 and feel better than ever and I have a large portion of  my THANKS  and Health to MELT.

    The other is DIET…i have eaten cleaner and better than in years past…most likely due to the GLUTEN FREE craze practiced long ago by a good friend…even more so by my current group of amigo/as.  I have not been so dedicated in the past as I plan to be in the future…i know you have a recipie that is tasty…send it to me.

    Also, I have been blessed with a great group of friends.  The old ones are missed dearly while I cherish every moment with my new friends.  Its amazing to see what you can learn about people when you take a heartfelt interest in THEM and THEIR Lives….AND…its reciprocated.

    I wish everyone out there a fantastic 2012 and only the most Positive CHANGES for you!

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