• Never forget!

    PHIT was stranded without the PHITruck for the second time.  Failing to pass the smog inspection, and being certain of the necessary repairs to fix the problem, I opted for a new motor.  There were some short cuts and other options, but I chose the best path to the solution.

    So here I am with a new motor and the PHITruck and plenty of other responsibilities… I get lost in the most important reason to understand that everything happens for a reason.

    I remember when PHIT was started.  The little Toyota was the source for storage and it seemed that it was all that I needed to start.  The PHITruck became a necessity when the volume exceeded my capabilities.  I promised myself that I would be prepared for any number of people at any given moment, and never fall short on service.

    So this translates to YOU reading this post.

    90% of the people that come to PHIT are healthy and exercise regularly.  They have motivation and a plan for their health.  Their PHITruck is a proven method that works for them.  What happens when there is a chink in the plan and things go sideways….. injury , sickness, and worst of all, time.

    NOTHING happens … they already know what works.  They adjust.  They plan.  They accept what is happening and will put in the new “motor” (plan) and move along.

    The 10% are the people that don’t know they have a truck….they live in fear of not being good enough.  We are not part of their broken plan and they dont know how to put us into something that already works…. If it works you wouldn’t have any fear of giving it a Go.  If it works, why are you not happy?   If it works for you why are you unhealthy?  If it works for you why is Einstein telling you to do something different?

    PHIT wants those people that are fearful of not being enough.  The family whats you to jump in and see how good it feels to succeed at this one step forward every day!!  They want you to know that they are all experiencing the same things as you.  An open heart and mind will be FULL after really giving everything you have to yourself at PHIT.

    Just ask JILL.  She has been among two of the newest additions who have found the joy we believe exists for every person that comes out regularly.  As for those other two guys…they killed the session.  They were celebrating their victory.

    So this brings me to my mini epiphany.  The truck needed repair and I was feeling loss and fear about the level of service I was going to be able to provide. The Toyota filled the big shoes and the white boards brought out the best in all of us.  I am so happy and grateful to be prepared.  I realized that the PHITruck is not PHITGROUP.  The people are PHITGROUP and they believe in me and what I do.  Remembering where I came from and what I started with is the justice for where PHIT is going now…

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