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    Plasma televisions, Snail Mail, Bell bottoms, Eastern Airlines, McD’s… all of these are as outdated as the language of New Years Resolutions…Especially when talking about Health and Fitness.  The couch potatoes and stressed out desk drivers all make the same commitment to the month of January, rather than themselves.  The New Year is sure to bring about changes filled with optimism and rejuvenation.  Its the expectations of the Resolutions to show up in the form of Instant Gratification…the skinny jeans Now mentality.

    We can read books and follow our favorite people to the end of the earth… its the DOing part that makes the resolutions worthy of the word itself.  Real Goals, short and long term are a sure fire way to find success.  Accountability partners are always better than solo… The belief that what you do NOW is more important that what happen Then (in the past).

    Here is my optimistic thought for the start of the new year 2016…. I am so Grateful for the rain.  May it fill up the reservoirs and give California the drink it needs, the snow to play on now and melt later, and the cleansing refreshing smells and views we love.  Also, a healthy restart and new look to all things that have been so challenging for the past year or two.

    The group is putting its soaked feet into motion…i hope you can share this with us and some of your friends.  The Language of PHITGroup is interested in what makes your #IT grow.

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