New York Marathon

    Welcome to the world of DONE!  It feels more like finished…I have finished business for the year 2011 in NYC.  The New York Marathon is something every marathoner should strive to accomplish.

    I left for New York confident and HAPPY.  I was happy because the past few weeks have had GREAT changes in my life.  Among those were the different view of WHO I AM for the Future have changed.

    I am a RACER this year…I am going to go out and kick ass and take names and THANK Everyone for the push.  In my heart and in my head I have never felt this confident and happy.  Its amazing….

    The days that lead up to NYCM I was hobbling and carried fear into my success…one last minute treat from my good friend SUE aligned everything and delivered my start line confidence.  I could barely walk the friday and Saturday before the race…my ankle was super loose…no more pain on race day!!!

    The race was spectacular…I was focused from the gun and took off at what I was pretty sure I could hold through to the end…I ran 18miles without breaking  a sweat…24 miles of cheering fans and people yelling and screaming were amazing…makes you love the time you spend on a trail while training….I never found the “WALL”…my calf did some spider cramping…so i only had to manage that….

    I ran in NEWTON’s and a fantastic pair of PRO COMPRESSION socks…every part of my body from beginning to end felt amazing…the finish is just another finish…My happiest time was getting to see the astonishment on my families face when I met them at the end…shock and awe…Still

    My recovery is now almost complete with the ability to sit on the toilet and walk down stairs.  I look forward to my first run back after the weekend….

    Plenty of races to come…back to NYC for Ironman in August…I want to run fast for that one…!!!

    anyone out there able to help LMK!

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