• Love letters of support

    Its not every day that compliments are found to be profound or heartfelt.  When those words of affirmation appear, you realize that its part of your love language.  I have found that the simplest form of a compliment is to say something nice and mean it.  The ability to receive it is just as important.

    When PHITGROUP’ers pass along positive vibes about what they are experiencing I have to speak up.  There is certainly a reason people stick around the PHITRUCK for years and years.  We doitoutside better than anyone else and we are family.  When the newest PHIT’ers find their new home with us, the results are profound.

    I love that PHITGROUP can grow one person at a time.  That one person affects us all.  New Blood!!  What’s their story?  What are they like?  How can I connect with them in the 40-60 minutes that we have together?  I love the long clock time, 45-55 seconds, for that reason alone.  It give you a chance to chat…( you could be out of breath too … but for the story…lets say chat.)

    The newest additions to the family have connected so well in the last month.  I feel like they came at the right time and it was all we could handle because they could affect us that much.  We might be changing their lives but they might not realize how much they affect us.  The gratitude street is two ways.

    Break up letters to the indoor gyms and love letters to the idea of DOITOUTSIDE are what we strive for every day.  The struggle is real.  We are all in this together.  We generate JOY at PHITGROUP.


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