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    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ….has never been the mentality of the PHITGROUP.  I have never wanted to kill you, devastate you, crush you, or BREAK you.  The following is certainly not the primary reason…BUT…one thing I want to do FOR you is DISMISS your FEAR.  I want to dismiss the fear that the PHITGROUP is out to make you a world champion triathlete, professional tennis player, or structured like the Arnold of old.   The afore mentioned “people” have ONE thing in common with YOU… all they ever do or have done is their BEST.   Why else would you do IT or anything else for that matter?

    One of my favorite things about this group is the laughter.  Its the perfect description of “i have done my best and now all i can do is laugh.”  Dr. KB is usually the first to LAUGH and make us all laugh with him.  The 70 something Doc comes out regularly to Play right next to the most competitive athletes, Super Mom’s and Dad’s, and former couch potatoes and indoor stragglers.   Doc always leaves knowing the same thing that the others know… they did their best and can appreciate the dismissal of the FEAR they once had.

    This past week had plenty of the FEAR element.  Are Being afraid and having Fear the same thing?  I wanted so much for the week to be perfect for the GOOD Girls that I had FEAR of “enough”…I was able to dismiss that unknown fear of enough prior to arrival.  There was plenty to fear later…. A Broken Arm, Flying, old Family, new family,  food, company, friends, car issues, getting lost, more flying, Ride experiences, and most of all TRUST.  Would the word we pass along to our friends, family and loved ones be enough TRUST to dismiss the FEAR? … one step at a time…. All Fear becomes TRUST.

    The expectations we have for ourselves are not the same that others have of us or for us.  We have fear that their expectations are greater than our own.   The one thing that can make those fears go away will bring us all back to that lovely cliche. … JUST BE YOURSELF… why would you want to be anyone else?  On that note…  I appreciate  that you took the time to read this and It brings me immense joy to have your energy be part of the reflection that is what lights me up!

  • Posted by KB on August 7, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    I feel compelled to respond to Pablo’s posting with a "stream of consciousness" a la the last chapter of "ulysses" written by James Joyce. First, I must clarify that I AM NOT YET in my 70’s——-have a little while to go before even reaching the 7th decade of life!!
    FEAR——it is indeed a real emotion and is present when one contemplates embarking on a new adventure like attending BOOT CAMP. When I retired from active practice of Women’s Medicine a little over 2 years ago, I decided to embark on "an exercise routine" to improve my overall health. To that end, I started power walking with sprints uphill on a daily basis. My son Anthony, who is also a physician (as well as an attorney!) is a health buff who attends Bootcamp up in Santa Rosa where he lives and work. I made the "mistake" of telling him that during my morning walks, I often see Pablo’s Phitgroup truck parked on Lomas——Anthony told me that my daily walking was not "adequate", and he called Pablo, and arranged for me to show up at a Monday morning session.
    Speaking of FEAR_____I was terrified—-especially more so when Pablo paired me up with Heather—who is one of the fittest women I have ever met!!—One of the exercises involved trying to hold the other person back with a band around the waist while she lunges forward—–WHOA!!!! Heather almost bowled me over whenever she "moved"—–FEAR__—–of "acceptance" by the group—and FEAR that one is not up to "snuff"——After the first session, I went for a 2 hour massage—- and "decided" that this was not really up my alley!!—TUESDAY am—–Anthony calls to wake me up —-"are you ready for boot camp??" No way Jose!!!—–I was not gonna go!!
    He would have none of that -and after some "grumbling,"– grudgingly, I made my way to Lomas—-I decided then that I was going to "count" the number of times that I attend Pablo’s boot camp before quitting!!
    Well——-today was my 84th session!!!! and the SICK thing about it is that I HAVE NOT missed any of the Mon/Tues/Thurs sessions unless I am out of town. The other totally SICK thing is that I try to arrange my out of town visits with Pablos love visits to Australia!!!!
    ACCEPTANCE——-all the women (and BIG D—-the only OTHER MAN) who attend these boot camps are in great shape and are able to go through the routine in fine style——most important, they are all nice folks who really do not care how fit or strong you are—-because at the end of the day, we all try to achieve the goals set out for the session to the best of our ability.
    Once you incorporate this important aspect of healthy lifestyle into your life’s routine, you will become as "SICK" as I am——and appreciate all the good things that mushrooms as a result of working out. The daily aches go away, you are able to achieve physical feats you never thought you could, you sleep better, and despite all the "bad" things that are happening in society today, you are able to go about your daily activities with a smile on your face.
    Will I ever stop counting the number of times I attend PHITGROUP’S BOOTCAMP??—-probably not—-I have joked that when I reach 100 sessions, that will be the time to quit!!—-but this has truly become an ADDICTION——-a good ADDICTION——and the person who truly makes these sessions "fun" and "interesting" is PABLO——it boggles my mind how he has been able to make every session seem like "something new"—–and the crazy thing is that in his warped mind, he often has "targets"—-like working out the "big" muscles one day, Working the core etc on other sessions. There is often a good reason and explanation to his "madness".
    LASTLY, I would strongly recommend that those who are AFRAID, those who are PROCRASTINATORS and those who have been COUCH POTATOES but are ready to make the "change" ——come out and "play with us"——-I will GUARANTEE you that your life will never be the same if you persist at it—-My thanks to my son Anthony, Pablo and to my fellow Phitgroupers,
    for helping me dispel the FEAR AND TREPIDATION I had about exercise—–especially BOOT CAMP!! I would be most happy to discuss my experience with anyone who is "thinking" about it but needs a kick in the ass to do something about it!!

  • Posted by Anthony Lim on August 8, 2014 at 5:33 am

    I am the son of "KB", who wrote a very heartfelt and inspiring response to Paul’s blog entry above. My mom, my brother, myself, and the rest of the Lim family clan is extremely proud of the dedication and determination my dad has demonstrated towards Pablo’s PhitGroup. 80+ consecutive sessions in a row and counting…unbelievable! He has stuck with it for longer and with more consistency than any of us thought possible. Clearly Paul’s bootcamp has lit a fire within my dad that is now unstoppable. Thank you Paul for helping my dad overcome his fear of pushing himself far beyond the familiarity of his daily walks in order to acheive a whole new level of health and fitness. Friends and family alike have noticed and been very impressed by the positive transformation that has taken place both on the inside and the outside. Keep it up dad — we’re so proud of you and love you very much!!

    • Posted by Pabs on August 11, 2014 at 5:20 pm
      in reply to Anthony Lim

      YEP… thats KB! Rock Solid DOC and Family Man! Thanks Anthony! Great to see you out there this morning!


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