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    It’s the day after the health and fitness conference and my head is full, my muscles are sore, and I am grateful to be back home with my family.  What a great experience despite the attitude I had traveling to Las Vegas.  I manifested the cough that I now have.

    The greatest takeaways are about the business of Health and making a mark that can help change the world… change the world even a little … is change.  

    I love PHITGROUP and all that we stand for and how we work.  You get back what you put in… so my question is this…

    WHAT more can I give you to make PHITGROUP better for YOU?

     What Changes can we make to keep the fresh, really fresh?

     Listening to your needs can only contribute to the direction and flow of PHIT… Contribute.  Request.  Suggest.  Point.  How can we know if you don’t share?

    The implementation of pieces of what I learned and what I hope to learn from you is always the next piece of the puzzle.  I hope you will be “IN” for the upcoming addition that will help you measure you. Its technology that can no longer be ignored.  This new mode was included in more than half of all presenters, leaving me the only option of an introduction.

    From the presenters, speakers, and workouts, there was at least one takeaway from each segment … all but one … I’ll never get that hour back!  The greatest day was listening to the 6 hours of speakers who have made an impact in more than just their little corner of the world.  I have said prayers and asked for guidance (that has always been there).

    My heart is full of promise and I cannot wait to get to work on how the GoodHealing ideas can affect the world through PHITGROUP and PHIT Threads.  You are the reasons we will be able to make a massive impact on the world.  So Thank you for all of your time and hard work…

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