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    Today, like most days, I learned something.  I want to share my education with as many people as possible.

    I am a Personal Trainer.  I have a company that does PERSONAL Training in Groups, for Corporations, and Private Clients.  I also am a Tennis Professional with 40 years+ playing experience and 8 years of certified teaching.  I love what I do and feel blessed to be able to say so.  I experience,see, and hear FEAR everyday.

    CODE_PINK_pics_145FEAR is the language I wish to clear up.

    I understand the Fear of doing something New.  Fear of not being good enough.  Fear of being pushed beyond limit.  Fear of starting something, anything.  Fear of the work.  Fear of the Pain.  And most of all FEAR OF FAILURE.

    I have experienced all of these things numerous times throughout my life on so many different levels.  From a vacation trip as a young teen afraid of rollercoasters.  Triathlon was not possible without conquering my fear of swimming, which comes from a traumatic event when i was very young.  Fear of commitment to anything, especially relationships.  The last addressed all of the above listed fears.

    The group of PHIT people that have been assembled since 2009 have been amazing.  Most having to set aside their fears of “joining” a new thing with new people.  These people are now Family with each other.  They completely accept what each person does when they are together.  They do not judge you on your bad hair day, low energy day, spilled coffee day, or your full of energy kick ass day, your sweet new workout clothes that you look awesome in days , or that sweet environmentally friendly new car that drives itself.


    Its the language that I wish to invite you to invite others into this family.  We expect nothing of you but will appreciate whatever you bring on that day.  We miss you when you are not there.  We will encourage you when you are having a rough day , and appreciate that you mustered the energy  to DOITOUTSIDE.  We support you when you have “issues.”  We welcome others and support them with open arms and treat them as family the first time they step outside to play with us.   Most of all we want to reassure those that are full of fear not to be  intimidated by PHITGROUP and whatever it may be doing.  The reassurance is simply, that WE understand and accept that you are like us…Fearful of something NEW that when we experience enough of that new thing, we find LOVE.   To LOVE PHITGroup is to understand what it takes to LIVE life and not just exist.Phit Group - 20


  • Posted by Ashley Good on April 29, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    Great blog, husband. Glad you got over your fear of commitment.


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