• Keep It Simple

    tied up

    This is the TEST group.

    This is the Grateful

    This is what is feels like to be done with the workout.

    This is the morning group of friends that helps motivate me to do my best for others.

    I have noticed that post workout energy is more than double the days I don’t get morning exercise.  I believe its because this group of friends is laughing before the clock starts, laughing well into the grind of counting, and of course laughing into the post workout selfie.

    We all got out the door on time.  We brought the best we had for that day or moment.  For the rest of the day, We took something with us that contributed to someone else’s day…. A SMILE

    The brief nature of this blog is to make sure that people…. Keep It Simple …  this is the greatest addiction I can imagine.

    Doing Interval Training Outside with friends and Laughing… #doitoutside

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