• Gut Check this on your list to IT

    Re-entry is always challenging.  Long flights and foreign foods can create a desire to have a vacation from your vacation.

    Well…what about a total overhaul?  Too Extreme?  Do you or could you believe that a total reset of what you consume, can actually change YOU?

    I have come across so many conversations with friends and clients about their nutritional concerns or interest.  Gluten Free is the top of the chart, along side the Vegetarians, Pescatarians, Carnivores, Vegans, Night Shade people and of course Paleo people.  The one thing that we all admit is about the consumption of SUGAR.  Sugar is the sole destructor of healthy living as we know it.  WHY? Why have we become so addicted to sugar?

    I love shuga shuga….  cookies, ice cream, tequila, Peanut butter and Jelly…. thats where i draw the line… no PBnJ… not happnin, No way Jose.

    Its time for the reset.  Gear yourself up for a no coffee no sugar and drinking green liquid daily including the ST. Patty Holiday… gear your friends up for the seemingly unending tirade in the first 72 hours.  alert the local authorities about howling at the moon during day light hours.  and finally please check in with your astrologist and make sure nothing is in retrograde as you start the craziness.

    YES… RESET!  Get extreme and go for it… you will thank yourself well before the “DIET” ends.

    I, for 1 , am looking forward to starting really soon

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