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    Welcome to the GLEN PARK site for the early morning Do’ers.  I have been getting my workout in at this park since returning from Australia.  There is nothing more challenging then having to get out of bed, leaving behind the love of my life to do something so necessary for my IT (happiness/sanity/joy)…. I know that the sacrifice has been worthy of early morning GO…inviting friends, one by one, have also helped.  The crew that has been collected makes this all possible.

    This weekend I experienced one of the most amazing things…Father Daughter Hip-Hop Dance.  The first thing they did was to separate the fathers from daughters.  Now the room was filled with testosterone ridden anxiety about how stupid they would look to the other guys…at least that was my initial thought.  NOPE…. these Dads were so comfortable shaking it up and learning a performance for their little girls.  Nothing stronger than a Dad standing up for his little girl.  Nothing smarter than the instructor taking the little girls out of the room to let the men acclimate and let the ego GO.  It was so fun and It was so male/Dad bonding and family amazingness.

    When i first started the PHITGroup, I wanted a day and time where Men could workout and bring the ego, the terse jargon, the horse play, the jabs and the testosterone, the high fives and slang encouragement,  the old sweat shirt and shorts that were not LuLu’s.  It failed miserably.  I can’t even remember what I called it.  Not enough people showed up to make it worth while, so I redefined the group….  Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

    Now my goal is this.

    To welcome up to 15 people each 6:00am session.

    To have Tuesday and Thursday  6:00am sessions for MEN…

    Monday and Wednesday 6:00am wide open for anyone and everyone.




    The fee for the 6:00am session is $15/drop in…. if you bring a  friend its $10/person.

    If you have a previously paid card this is the last month (MAY) you can use that card.  


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