YES… Everything.  Do IT Outside™


    I have been a personal trainer for many years.  Some of them were training people indoors in a Gym.  A gym is a great place to congregate and bang out a killer fitness, cycle, combo, boxing, yoga, or W.O.D.  My view of those very thoughts were about to change from big universe signs.   I discovered that everything happens for a reason.

    In 2008 when the stuff hit the fan and the world economy crashed…(check out the movie “The Big Short”) my business went through the floor.  I was working 30+ hours a week in a Gym,  plus however long i could stand on my feet teaching tennis.  Working from 5am -7 sometimes 8 or 9pm, I was saving pennies and training for triathlon.  It seemed like overnight when I found myself working just 16 hours a month, most of that time not having an income.

    Personal training is expensive.  The value you get from a good trainer is the decision between food on the table and roof overhead or a killer body.  In 2008, most clients went the recommended food and family route.  They had families and I did not, (clearly working and training 80+ hours a week.)

    I had plenty of time on my hands.  I was journaling and thinking and over thinking and training and over training.  The one thing I found that became very true for me… I did EVERYTHING …OUTSIDE.  I was still happy.  I was not panicking.  I was healthy and discovering my IT.

    what is IT?  IMG_0092

    IT is Everything.  And Everything was OUTSIDE.  The SUN, trees, ocean, wildlife, and other like minded people.  The smells and sounds and touching of the life outside made me happy.

    Today, IT also means, INTERVAL TRAINING.  PHIT was created out of necessity to serve the fitness needs of people as well as a personal source of keeping happy.  Interval Training outside in a group of like minded people at a low cost, serves us all.

    getting goingIt is truly amazing to see what happens when you take a workout outside.  Since 2009 I have been blessed to be discovered by so many great people.  These people are PHITGroupers, friends, families and happy people.  Together we speak the PHIT language and make the experience of interval training outside fun.  There is no judgement, no ego and no whining.  There is only laughter, sweat, smiles, stories, energy, and certainty.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve all who participate.

    40 teen somethingThe business of PHIT and mantra of  DO IT OUTSIDE© is so satisfying.


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