• Day of longboarding


    Jump in anyway

    Escape from Alcatraz!  What a great race.  Even better…to have a girlfriend with connections to help get me into the race.

    That was the good news.

    The bad news…I had little to no time to train.  My biggest effort is to get PHIT GROUP up and running smooth.  SO training takes a back seat…

    I am thankful for this experience more than anything in my recent race experiences.  I did very little training…outside of the PHIT GROUP/PIT CREW.    My cardio training was based on history…literal history.  One maybe two days for the week…and worse yet…NO SWIMMING.  6 days total since November.

    San Francisco bay is no place to get caught without swim experience….I cannot imagine how the prisoners felt when they jumped into the frigid waters.

    I am sure it was nothing like my feeling….FREE to choose if I wanted to go…and with a wetsuit.

    Overall I raced surprisingly well….

    moral….have no fear…jump into the GROUP and have fun.  Work hard and enjoy the experience!….the reward is sure to follow!

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