Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail and let you know that workouts last week were awesome.  I don’t think we have done any duplicate workouts in the past four weeks but this last week was really challenging and fun.

Jana Jones


PHIT Group - Man
Thank you for your traveling PHIT training program. You have developed a great program that I have loved from the very first day I began working out with you.  I am a very busy working mother of two small children and I have zero time before or after work to exercise. To work out daily has been a desire of mine for many years and it has been a huge blessing to me that DJO has brought you here to us.   Well, much to my surprise in my measurement appointment today I have met all the goals that I set before we began by 100%. In my mind I believe that if I am successful then you should feel successful too. So to help you feel the success with me I thought I would share with you OUR successes from these past 12 weeks.

I have lost:

  • 10 pounds
  • 3.5 % body fat
  • 8.5 pounds of fat
  • 7 total inches

There are a few other things I have gained that are not measured: Good eating habits, better nights sleep, no longer living in pain in my neck and shoulders, drinking lots and water (I was not drinking any), fit in clothes better, and finally fit back into my two piece bathing suit. Yahoo…

Thank you for all your guidance and leadership in helping me and many others meet our goals. I am looking forward to another 12 weeks!

Jana Jones



PHIT Group - Man

“No Crying in PHIT”

Just wanted to share my “wicked awesome” results with you.


  • ·         Weight down 5.6 lbs—my scale is saying 10—naked and in the morning (TMI)—but I’ll take either number and be happy!
  • 0.5% body fat
  •  4lbs fat gone
  • 1/8” bicep
  • 1-3/4” chest
  • 2” waist
  • 7/8” thigh

I’m happy to see the numerics as a track—but the real measure to me right now is the increased mobility and physical benchmarks—firsts include:

  • Back squats off the table edge
  • Did leg lifts on the mats
  • Don’t need ball to support me to get down on mats—still slow, but don’t need help
  • Can do all sorts of moves on the ball now—so balance has improved

I can’t thank you and your crew enough for the encouragement and for the dedication you’ve given to providing me not only with the modifications, but the supervision to see that I’m safe and progressing.   Your passion for what you do is Enviable!

Others who did not sign up are seeing that I am doing it—so they can do it too!  I hope DJO will extend the sessions, because if you can keep leading—I’m in for the long haul!!!


Carol J. Hulett
Sr. Administrative Assistant


PHIT Group - Man

First I want to thank you for your support.  This class is new to me and I feel good for making it through the week.  Oh, I am the big guy in your early class MWF at DJO

Kevin Hagerman

Verification/ Validation Engineer


PHIT Group - Man

Fantastic news! Body fat has dropped in 100% of participants, We have people down 2.5%-2.9% on average for PHIT Participants. And it keeps dropping. There are 40 more particiapants that I do not have January measurements at the 6 month mark. This is what I know so far

  • Sarah’s down 58lbs
  • Leana 30lbs
  • Laura 36lbs
  • Tom 20lbs
  • Claire 33lbs
  • Jenelle 13lbs
  • Jim 10lbs

Every single participant lost weight

This next part blew me away!

  • Leana  lost 9% body fat!
  • Jana 4.5%
  • Jenelle lost 8%

Thats big reduction in heart risk too.

The rest of participants showed in the 1%-2.9% range

These people worked hard, changed their lives, committed to themselves and to us. And I say its time for a healthy celebration of success for these dedicated employees. They deserve real kudos and awards I believe. I can see a great big bash in the Diner with kicking music, some share time on how its changed their lives,-that part is touching, the daily awesome feedback from your employees that I receive via email.  Feed them and all veggie dishes and make a new kind of healthy holiday. They are all ready for this kind of recognition and to hear out loud how well everyone is doing to keep them inspired.

Annette Borsack, Nurse, Nutritionist

Zen Enterprises, Inc.
Full Circle Natural Health



PHIT Group - Man
I love your program – maybe not while I’m doing it, but afterwards I feel great! I’m starting to feel stronger and have much more energy! Keep on kicking our butts!



Yesterday’s session was a doozy!  Both Felicia and I are sore today in our quads (from the lunges) and upper arm/biceps (push ups).   I just hope we can lift the ball for swing taps tomorrow for our marathon ab session.

Congratulations on extending the program.  We look forward to the next round!


Patty  Chisholm

Cust Care Manager


PHIT Group - Man
Paul Healing of the PHITGROUP has been providing DJO Inc. an Orthopedic Medical Device company based in Vista California with a Boot Camp style workout program, 3 days a week for our employees for over 4 months now.   Through his leadership and guidance Paul has designed a program that has allowed my employees to workout during normal business hours (2 lunch time groups) and coupled with a nutritional program bring home all the great learning and experiences.

Morale, productivity and genuine health have dramatically improved at DJO since the inception of the PHIT program.  I have approved a second installment of this program so that more employees can benefit from it and working through our benefits structure will undoubtedly see an improvement in our overall medical claims and expenses over time.

Paul has done a great job of providing daily on-site leadership as well as off-site contact with my employees to continue his role of supporting their efforts.

PHIT now has become part of the DJO Way and continues to reinforce our company values.

Tom Capizzi

Executive Vice President, Global HR
DJO Incorporated