YES… Everything.  Do IT Outside™ . I have been a personal trainer for many years.  Some of them were training people indoors in a Gym.  A gym is a great place to congregate and bang out a killer fitness, cycle, combo, boxing, yoga, or W.O.D.  My view of those very thoughts were about to change

  • Keep It Simple

    This is the TEST group. This is the Grateful This is what is feels like to be done with the workout. This is the morning group of friends that helps motivate me to do my best for others. I have noticed that post workout energy is more than double the days I don’t get morning

  • Gut Check this on your list to IT

    Re-entry is always challenging.  Long flights and foreign foods can create a desire to have a vacation from your vacation. Well…what about a total overhaul?  Too Extreme?  Do you or could you believe that a total reset of what you consume, can actually change YOU? I have come across so many conversations with friends and

  • More Resolution…

    Plasma televisions, Snail Mail, Bell bottoms, Eastern Airlines, McD’s… all of these are as outdated as the language of New Years Resolutions…Especially when talking about Health and Fitness.  The couch potatoes and stressed out desk drivers all make the same commitment to the month of January, rather than themselves.  The New Year is sure to

  • Before Saying Good Bye we must Say HELLO.  There are so many things to be grateful for in 2014.  I will say at the top of my list are Ashley and Grace.  After asking Ashley to be my wife and spend the rest of our lives together NOTHING has been the same…Grace approved so, I

  • Changes…..

    Change is a Good thing.  This past year has involved plenty of them, including multiple international trips and an engagement.  For those of you that do not know, I asked Ashley to marry me in March of this year.  I could not be happier with the vision of our life together as a family that includes

  • Motivation

    The Future of Sports… I had the amazing pleasure of heading to DOG Beach in Del Mar today to take some photos of MistyMay-Treanor leading a local group of young volleyball players in a workout session.   Billy Berger donated the session and Misty donated her time that raised money for Rady Children’s hospital.   After