• Race Time

    So Happy to be an AMERICAN.  One of the greatest things we can do for ourselves and those around us…SET Goals and work hard to achieve them. We have a group headed to Santa Barbara to run in the half and full marathon.  Beginners and wanna be qualifiers alike will be there to soak up

  • Day of longboarding

    Jump in anyway Escape from Alcatraz!  What a great race.  Even better…to have a girlfriend with connections to help get me into the race. That was the good news. The bad news…I had little to no time to train.  My biggest effort is to get PHIT GROUP up and running smooth.  SO training takes a

  • Fling the PHAT from your body!

    February was a slow month for PHIT GROUP. It gave me time to reflect on why I do what I do….AND why I offer such a great service for only $10. Instant gratification is something I cannot give to your body…Only to your mind! Laughter and high spirits are included in your $10. I promise

  • PHIT Pit Crew SUCCESS!

      Finally, I have come up with an invention that will not make me a million dollars…better yet. Its exercise that returns the MAN back to childhood playground marauder. The debut of Pit Crew was excellent. I am super thankful for those that participated. This can and should be a HUGE part of my business…it

  • Alas we have the solution

    Let me introduce you to the PHITRUCK. Long live my dream of rolling around in this grumman Olson 16’ Aluminum Truck! I recall the days of why I started to get into shape. I wanted to do Expedition Length Adventure Races. I wanted to do Eco-Challenge, Raid Gauloises, and MSOQ. I thought, if I had

  • New Year’s Resolution

    I read somewhere that 33% of all new years resolutions are done in 3 days or less. I would imagine this includes working out more… SO…I am trying to put together more classes offered more often in different locations…help me with a city of encinitas park near you and a group of people…I will try

  • December…The eating season

    I love the holidays…It’s is an amazing time of year when people have all sorts of reality checks…DIET and Exercise are number 1 & 2. My business rarely see’s the big bump at the beginning of the year. This year I hope is different! The group classes are super fun and effective. I hope that