• Kilimanjaro Karma

    Kilimanjaro Karma

    The journey vs the Summit: Whilst we wonder what Karma does to us or for us, its what you do with the stored Good that really matters.   I don’t imagine you want to read about my trip, but rather hear about it… lets have a beer!  I can show you some photos and pass

  • Rim to Rim to Rim

    Rim to Rim to Rim

    The GRAND CANYON It is so difficult to describe what happens to you as you enter into the Grand Canyon on an adventure that takes you from the South Rim to the North Rim in one day.  Only to return the very next day! I will tell you this…amazing!  It is indescribable what your body

  • Motivation

    The Future of Sports… I had the amazing pleasure of heading to DOG Beach in Del Mar today to take some photos of MistyMay-Treanor leading a local group of young volleyball players in a workout session.   Billy Berger donated the session and Misty donated her time that raised money for Rady Children’s hospital.   After

  • Food

    I just watched a “TED” talk on food: http://www.wimp.com/realfood/   If you have the time you should definitely check it out.  Its amazing what One person can do. I have recently changed my diet to incorporate as many Organics as possible…all the while really having a problem saying NO to cookies.  I have discovered numerous

  • The Faces of my WARRIOR

        A friend recently took a journey to sit in the kingdom of heaven.  This good friend and colleague was too young and healthy for such a BIG trip.  Her life revolved around being healthy and doing what she loved to do.  Some of us are just not meant to be here for a 

  • Timing…..

    More stuff about time… Timing has been the most amazing challenge for me for most of my life. I started my life in second place.  I was second out of the womb… a TWIN… did you not know I am a twin..almost put WAS…I still am… but timing has put distance between us. I have

  • SANDY…

    Help is on the way… It’s amazing how the world works.  God is mysterious, but what in the world did the name SANDY do this year to get on His s*&t list?  First, Hurricane Sandy took out the majority of the eastern seaboard. She blew through every town I spent my youth in including the

  • In NO TIME…

    Continuity…   There is something I strive for in my daily life. Continuity    In daily life In Work In pursuit of Friendships In Loyalty to myself …. maybe not all in the order above, they overlap and certainly not the only pieces of the list….but…   I noticed that this year had gone by so

  • Ironman

    One Last hurrah !   I can’t remember the last time I felt like I did exactly what I could have done for the amount of preparation completed.  This was IT! What a long 14 months.  So many great things happened in the past year relating to work and training and friendships.  I am grateful

  • New Years ReVOLT

    …As in RE CHARGE… ReConnect…   Time and Time again we all make some sort of GOAL.  Too many people wait until the end of the year to make a Resolution to carry out the following year…. PROCRASTINATION….I was really good at this when talking about school.  Now its tough to get out and train