• Todays Image….

    I spend way way way too many hours on social media.  One of the things I notice on a regular basis, especially about exercise sites/people, is the “IMAGE” they put out there…there being into your head. For years and years I have exercised and felt every drop of sweat.  I can’t say that i have

  • The NEW Website…

    The NEW Website…

    Marching forward into better communication and better health, PHIT Group has had its first facelift.  We have taken all that is GOOD and made it better.  I hope that in time I will be able to share everything that is PHIT Group and make it front and center…. In the mean time…keep up with Facebook,

  • The JUICE…worth the squeeze

    The JUICE…worth the squeeze

    WOW…that was some winter. I can only imagine what it was like for those on the east coast. The polar vortex reached the shores of San Diego with the complete other pole of weather. Spectacular sunsets and warm days seemed to be the “norm” as normal as it has been described in living dreams. (not

  • Finally…The Beginning……

    Finally…The Beginning……

    I have had such an amazing life with all of the people I have encountered. The relationships that taught me so many things about so many other things…LIFE…gave me direction and education on what really mattered to me. The End of something to Begin something else has been a tremendous Lesson in search of my

  • The END…of 2013

    The END…of 2013

    The sun is setting on 2013… Have you done all that you can? Is there something left to DO? Have you met your goals? What is the most memorable event for the year? I can honestly say that this has been a Monster year for me. So many things have happened that changed my life

  • Green with Envy…

    Green with Envy…

    Its become so much fun to sit and write whats going on in my head. Today is Friday and I have managed to have such a full day before 9:30am that I needed to take a nap. I love naps. My grandfather took naps all the time. When I take a nap I think about

  • Wanting to make Lemonade….

    Wanting to make Lemonade….

    I have been so nervous about making MY lemonade for the rest of my life…and yet today it feels different. My nervous energy has turned into something i have been waiting for … for YEARS… Positive forward happy motion! I am finally growing up… (I will always be a kid inside)… but still growing up.

  • Remembering KYLA ….

    Remembering KYLA ….

    You’ve got to get up every morning put a smile on your face and show the world All the LOVE in your Heart The following thoughts were jotted down 3 days after the world lost KYLA… Kyla was a fan of this poem.  I want to read it to you.  If you have ever encountered

  • The real Ahh Haa Moment

    The real Ahh Haa Moment

    I finally remembered what it was that I was thinking about for days and days…. here goes. Pretty sure this jumps around… read it and listen to me talk while you read… it might make more sense… After minutes, hours, days, and week/s of reflection of LIFE after the sudden and tragic death of my

  • Journey


    …and it continues … I am not talking about the band… one long run on sentence.. I am talking about the BUZZ.  After being home for a few weeks now I find myself in the middle of the craziest bit of energy.  I seem to have a detailed focus on projects that have been buried