• Brrrrrrrrrr….

    Ahhh Fall is here, At least for those of us in the USA.  For all who may live on the east coast, winter has hit you at least once already.  Its the time of year when the darkness comes too early and energy levels are low.  We are in exercise hibernation mode…Yuck.  This is the time of year to really get things done OUTSIDE.  I believe this to be true all year-round, but winter is about layering.

    Some of you will decided to layer the blanket over your legs and watch movies or House of Cards.  I can’t think of anything better than that very thing AFTER you go outside and rock mother nature with a little bit of sweat.  The cold is a natural calorie consumer.  Cold water in the morning has to be heated up by your system as you consume it… the body has to work especially hard to warm up in the fall.  Wake it up layer by layer.  The prolonged warm up phase can be done in front of the “idiot box” as long as you hit the front door fast enough to not let it hit you in the arse on the way out.

    Fall/Winter is a favorite time of year in san diego.  The crowds are lower and the sunsets are mind-blowing.  The weather swings 30 degrees (50-80+today) and humidity has left us parched.  You really never know whats going to happen.  I love leaving the house with a wool beanie and nano-puff and later working out in shorts and T shirt.   I do miss the changing of leaves and snow…not enough to leave san diego.

    The biggest changes we face every day are easily managed with good communication.  Our partners hint about specific needs, much like your body, which is often solved simply.  Partners want love and understanding.  If you don’t know this, then ASK!  If you don’t know what your body needs, feed it something different, workout different, do different, experience something different…most of all do it OUTSIDE.  Be safe, do it outside, and do it with a friend!


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