• New Years ReVOLT

    …As in RE CHARGE… ReConnect…   Time and Time again we all make some sort of GOAL.  Too many people wait until the end of the year to make a Resolution to carry out the following year…. PROCRASTINATION….I was really good at this when talking about school.  Now its tough to get out and train

  • New Year 2012

    Change…   2011 was fun, challenging, and most of all eye opening.  I have seen so many CHANGES is what we do for our every day lives that I must make note and TAKE note of what is working and what needs more CHANGE. Of the most significant changes in my life, the MELT METHOD


    Welcome to the world of DONE!  It feels more like finished…I have finished business for the year 2011 in NYC.  The New York Marathon is something every marathoner should strive to accomplish. I left for New York confident and HAPPY.  I was happy because the past few weeks have had GREAT changes in my life. 

  • Triathlon………?

      Tri:“Welcome back Pabs” Pablo: “yea…for a year at least” T: “whats the plan?” P: To enjoy the ride and kick some ass along the way! T:” what do you mean ENJOY?” P: Well, the plan is to bring a few friends along for the journey.  I have a few people around me who really

  • The Hampton’s…

    Memorial Day weekend   Went to the Hampton’s in NEW YORK.  Spent time with Sue Hitzmann and family.  It was super fun…made me realize that i really need to take some quality time for myself more often.  I have been so wound up with growing PHITGROUP and excited at the direction we are going.  I

  • New Bike Clothes

    New Look continued…….   Well…Kristin from Brand Betty is hard at work on the new bike kit for PHITGROUP.  I am in LOVE with this Kit… it will be made by squadra… hopefully out mid summer… depends on how many pieces we want to order…. the Shorts will have a similar Look…..I cant wait to

  • A Cleanse and a MELT

    A new Chapter and a New Look for PHITGROUP.  The new look is the website and the new chapter is MELT.    Finally certified and practicing…They looked relaxed…DONT THEY? It can be an amazing feeling to know what BALANCE in the body feels like.  I am currently Re_Balancing my body for the better.  I have been


    That’s a great Face 🙂   MELT METHOD.  What is it? Participants will experience how easy it is to create change in the human body regarding misalignment, chronic pain, and the negative effects associated with aging. Different from going to a therapist for bodywork, MELT empowers people with simple, self-care tools for long-term wellness. We

  • Focus!!!

      Happy New Year.  I hope that you all make PHITGROUP a small part of your life…something to help you keep balance and strength for Daily Life! I will be making some changes very soon… in the mean time…bring your friends and family and get your resolutions ROLLING with THE PHITGROUP!!


    Seasons Change   Recently I figured that not everyone wants to get dirty…or wet for that matter.  It occurred to me that I love that very fact….its just not for everyone…getting dirty that is… so…I leave my house every day during this season with this thought…. get outside as much as humanly possible…the daylight is