• Learning….

    It’s the day after the health and fitness conference and my head is full, my muscles are sore, and I am grateful to be back home with my family.  What a great experience despite the attitude I had traveling to Las Vegas.  I manifested the cough that I now have. The greatest takeaways are about the business

  • Travel Bootcamp Tips

    Last week PHITGROUP had a visitor from TEXAS and a fellow trainer.  Their Bootcamp claim to fame was the largest running bootcamp in the country.  Everything is bigger in Texas … Right!!  Actually their company runs in multiple states throughout the south and east from Texas to North Carolina. As he was visiting and he

  • Never forget!

    PHIT was stranded without the PHITruck for the second time.  Failing to pass the smog inspection, and being certain of the necessary repairs to fix the problem, I opted for a new motor.  There were some short cuts and other options, but I chose the best path to the solution. So here I am with

  • The WHY!

    The WHY!

    Here is the real story. I had not taken a vacation or break from work from 2008 to 2013.  I lost all of my clients from personal training and tennis instruction, and had to re-invent the business from an expensive luxury to an affordable necessity. In 2012 I had a client was an avid adventurer

  • Love letters of support

    Its not every day that compliments are found to be profound or heartfelt.  When those words of affirmation appear, you realize that its part of your love language.  I have found that the simplest form of a compliment is to say something nice and mean it.  The ability to receive it is just as important.

  • Temporary friends…never

     I often reflect on the complete and temporary nature of the whiteboard workouts.  Although temporary, I have done all that I can to make them permanent by photographically documenting them.  The creativity that spawns some of these beauties is temporary and filled with a specific motivation…most of the time I don’t really think of where

  • LAUNCH…off and running

    Just a brief note to help and support the launch of PHIT Threads.  We have made the second move in the newest direction of PHIT.  After the creation of an amazing pair of HYBRID SHORTS, perfect for working out, hitting the beach, playing tennis, or just hanging out… or jumping out of trees. Please support the

  • 2017 Changes everything

    Where to begin? I was so ready to leap right out of 2016 and into 2017 that I failed at a few things… Looking before you leap! I have spent the last 3.5 years putting together the future of PHIT.  I believe that all of the eggs that I have in the PHIT basket are

  • WHY YOU and PG for 2017

    WHY YOU and PG for 2017

    Why you should be with PHITGROUP in 2017 What was the best thing about your health for 2016?  Do you actually know or are you guessing?  My thoughts head in one direction…did i get sick?  Ever since starting PHITGroup, I find myself asking that very question at this time of year… actually, many more questions.

  • Glen Park 6:00am

      Welcome to the GLEN PARK site for the early morning Do’ers.  I have been getting my workout in at this park since returning from Australia.  There is nothing more challenging then having to get out of bed, leaving behind the love of my life to do something so necessary for my IT (happiness/sanity/joy)…. I