• A Cleanse and a MELT


    A new Chapter and a New Look for PHITGROUP.  The new look is the website and the new chapter is MELT.    Finally certified and practicing…They looked relaxed…DONT THEY?

    It can be an amazing feeling to know what BALANCE in the body feels like.  I am currently Re_Balancing my body for the better.  I have been CLEANSING for 6 days…lost 14 lbs. as of this morning.  My body was in a state of shock when all it got was veggies and clean protein.  I am starting to feel “normal”…but not yet.  I thought was I felt was good…but I am thinking this is going to help me….

    Melt is the same thing…except you don’t have to wait 6 days to see results or feel good.  Its a wellness practice for this generation of Texters and Netflixer’s …INSTANT GRATIFICATION….

    Thank GOD!!!

    Happy Mothers Day to all you MOTHERS out there!!!

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