• IMG_0887Before Saying Good Bye we must Say HELLO.  There are so many things to be grateful for in 2014.  I will say at the top of my list are Ashley and Grace.  After asking Ashley to be my wife and spend the rest of our lives together NOTHING has been the same…Grace approved so, I got two yes’. IMG_0357The Phitgroup has had a standing invitation to all who come and participate.  We get a chance to share in health and friendship as we work ourselves to a better future.  The more time you spend with like minded people, the better your future is sure to be.  The immediate result is a simple smile and extraordinary sense of being part of something together. IMG_0461Its the milestones that we sometimes forget to celebrate.  Participating in life changing behavior is never forgotten.  We celebrate together…100 workouts for one of the greatest additions to the PHITGroup family.  He may have been the only person to ever count how many times he worked out with us… but he knows that we were all together when HE did his 100…never thinking he would get past 3. IMG_0520Corporate PHITness and Wellness on the run for 4 years, speaking of counting… This was a monster for PHITGroup.  DJO’s employees took to the patio for a lunchtime workout 2x’s a week with PHITGroup and returned to their desks rejuvenated and focused, maybe a little sweaty too. IMG_0563Some days required more effort than others just to get out the door… The rain rarely happens in San Diego.  The PHITGroupers refuse to find inspiration indoors.  The rain only contributed to more laughter and harder work knowing that WE would be there. There are so many milestones from 2014.  The next to be mentioned will be the biggest.  After many months of thought and certain signs from life, I am heading to Australia to be with Ashley and Grace…TEMPORARILY.  I have worked hard to build a family and a business.  Since the creation of PHITGroup, it has felt like the business of Health for my family.  The participants have become so far beyond friends that the decision to leave to be with the LOVE of my life has taken months to make.  With a decision handed down in December and the unfolding of certain events, the choice was clear. I leave without hesitation.  I leave without Regret.  I leave optimistic.  Because I have Love in my life, I am certain that upon return to HOME my life with Ashley and Grace will be Extraordinary.   I will put the PHITGROUP back together with a new outlook only to improve on what we already know and trust.  The life of the GOOD-HEALING Warrior is to be continued in 2015

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