• 2017 Changes everything

    Where to begin?

    I was so ready to leap right out of 2016 and into 2017 that I failed at a few things…

    Looking before you leap!

    I have spent the last 3.5 years putting together the future of PHIT.  I believe that all of the eggs that I have in the PHIT basket are being poured into the THREADS division.  Its the greatest possible chance for growth and positive changes.  I have done the research, education, motivation, and miles and miles of testing.  There are so many things that appear true… but you never really know until you fully commit.

    The jump into an actual production and a massive investment has not been easy.  This photo is really part of the essence that I feel about the Threads we are putting out there… I am leaping as high as I can, as far as I can, and will all of the confidence in the world that We will land on our feet and hit the ground running.  In my dreams its clear as crystal.  All of my visions are so utterly solid and founded from a good heart.  And the belief in the image that we are all Warriors, is at the center.

    I am the Warrior

    I will set the path for the achievers

    Together, We the Warriors, will conquer all the mountains

    Our victory will be stored as the memory that WE ARE ALL WARRIORS.

    The story that I keep sharing or reliving that brings an emotional response is from Kilimanjaro.  It was an 8 day trek with a group of individuals.  The slow movement, ‘pole’ pole’. and the hours of connecting and the coffee, views, and stories.  Every step after the second day….  reminds me of the days that changed my life.  Everything I do, I believe, is in pursuit of that feeling… JOY .  The happiest days are always in front of us.  The memories of the past remind us that level of joy and relief and clarity and freedom exists.

    Its now February and I am looking back, hard… at what I learned from that Kilimanjaro trip.  I am looking at what I have to do better NOW in my whole life to bring about more of those memories… This photo is the real me… the really happy me… the really committed me… the me that knows where I am going and who I am going with…

    THE HOW is the everyday thing to address….. we all need help… Who wants in ?


    gotta say I am really excited.



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